Guided Tours in the Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an awesome place to fish. We have many species of fish throughout the 1000s of lakes and many miles of rivers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Fishing in the Upper Peninsula is fun but it can also be an adventure finding great spots to fish. Kayak fishing allows you to get into some of the spots you wouldn't normally be able to get to, and often times that's where the fish are. It brings you closer to the water and the figh from a kayak is a lot more fun, especially with a 25" walleye or 40" pike.

Guided kayak fishing trips available on the Portage Canal, Otter Lake, Prickett Resevoir, Twin Lakes, Lac La Belle, Gratiot Lake or any of the small inland lakes in the area. If there is a lake you would like to fish, contact us. If you have your own kayak and fishing equipment you are more than welcome to bring it.
Guided fishing trips require a reservation and payment in advance. (fine print)

We also rent fishing kayaks if that's how you want to catch the big one without a guide.

A few places we fish.

Portage Canal (Houghton County) Lake size: 9640 acres
Depth: up to 50 feet
Accomodations: kayak rentals, marinas, camping, piers, docks, and restrooms
Accessibility: 9 public launch sites about half are for small 12 foot boats or kayaks/canoes

This waterway has many species because it is connected to Lake Superior. You will find everything from bass, walleye, pike, perch, crappies, to trout and salmon, with the occasional sturgeon. The length of Portage Lake is roughly 26miles of waterway. On the NW end is McClains State Park and the North Entry lighthouse. To the South is the South Entry lighthouse leading into Keweenaw Bay. Most often we will catch perch, walleye, pike, and bass. If fishing the mouths the Pilgrim and Coles Creek or up the Pilgrim River during the runs we can catch salmon, steelhead. Up the Pilgrim we can catch brook trout also, with an occassional brown trout.

Cost: $150 (2-3hrs) // $220 (4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

Otter Lake (Houghton County)
Lake size: 890 acres
Depth: up to 29 feet
Accomodations: cabins, kayak rentals, two boat launches, restrooms
Accessibility: 2 state owned boat launches

This lake is a very peaceful and pretty lake. This lake has bass, walleye, pike, crappie, sunfish, perch, with the occassional rainbow trout, and occasional sturgeon. The otter river runs into the lake to the west and empties into the Sturgeon river to the east. While fishing it is not uncommon to see bald eagles and many birds flying above.

Cost: $150(2-3hrs) // $220(4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

Prickett Resevoir (Houghton/Baraga County)
Lake size: 810 acres
Depth: up to 56 feet
Accomodations: dock, restrooms, camping
Accessibility: concrete boat launch

Prickett is a valley that was flooded in 1931 after logging was halted. It is in a valley along the Sturgen River gorge area. There are many stories if monsters being lost in here due to the plethora of stumps, sticks, and deadheads left over from the logging days. It is truly a unique area to fish. The best way to fish these waters are with jigs, tubes, live bait, small spinners, top water baits, and light spoons. While fishing it is not uncommon to see bald eagles and many birds flying above. The sunsets can also be amazing here too.

Cost: $170 (2-3hrs) // $240 (4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

Twin Lakes area (6 lakes) (Houghton County)
Lake size: varies per lake
Depth: varies per lake
Accomodations: docks, restrooms, camping
Accessibility: boat lauches at all lakes
This area has many small lakes which all hold fish. Our favorites to fish here are the twins (Gerald and Roland) Pike lake, and Sandy lake. Also nearby is Emily and Clear lake. We can find crappie, bass, walley, pike, panfish, and some trout at the lakes in this area. Often times in these lakes you will see loons, and see eagles flying above looking for their next meal.

Cost: $170 (2-3hrs) // $240 (4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

Lac La Belle (Keweenaw County)
Lake size: 1146 acres
Depth: 38 feet
Accomodations: kayak rentals, dock, restrooms
Accessibility: state owned public boat lauch
Lac LaBelle in French meaning "beautiful lake", which it is. A large body of water that empies that is connected to Lake Superior by the Mendota ship canal. You will find walleye, crappie, perch, pike, salmon, trout, and of course other panfish. Many locals use the boat launch at Lac LaBelle to fish in Lake Superior for trout and salmon. Often trolling on the way out or back in for walleye. You can fish just about any type of lure in these waters all can produce fish. Our favorite is live bait and jigging for walleye and bass topwaters or crankbaits.

Cost: $170 (2-3hrs) // $240 (4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

Gratiot Lake located in Keweenaw County
Lake size: 1438 acres
Depth: up to 70 feet
Accomodations: Small dock and restrooms, parking
Accessibility: State owned land - concrete ramp can handle large boats.

The largest lake in Keweenaw county it is a large body of water that holds some pretty big fish. It is at the base of Mt. Horace Greeley and Mt. Gratiot and has some awesome views of the hills surrounding it. One of the few lakes in Houghton or Keweenaw counties that has musky. It has large musky, pike, average size walleye and bass. Over the years there has been many fish surveys from the lake with various results in the data. There are panfish but most of the fish are the predatory fish like musky, walleye, pike, and bass. You may occassionally find a trout that makes its way from the little streams that run into the Gratiot.

Cost: $170 (2-3hrs) // $240 (4-5hrs) price includes kayak rental

The Fine Print
-All fishing trips require reservation and payment before arrival at least a week prior, the earlier the better with guided fishing trips.
-All kayaking and hiking tours advanced reservation and payment is encouraged to ensure your space in the tour.
-Minimum of 2 paddlers per kayak tour. If you're solo ask to join existing tour.
-Minimum of 4 people for hiking tour. If you're solo ask to join existing tour.
-Payments are refundable, less a 20% cancellation fee prior to 24hrs of your scheduled tour. If cancelling less than 24hrs prior to scheduled tour we are not able to refund payment.
-Weather, we cannot control, at times we may need to cancel a trip because the weather requires it. We will not go out during thunderstorms and heavy rain. We always encourage you to bring rain gear with you and an extra set of clothing in case of a light rain.
-Gratuity to your guide is up to you if you enjoyed your trip.