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Year-Round Gear is a National Distributor/Dealer for Crow Wing Kayaks.

Crow Wing Kayak News

2016 - Two new models released. The 1080 Ultimate Angler and the Pack Rat.
2015 - Two new colors. Grolive, Red w/black speckles.


Military Veterans Paddle
Made in Minnesota

Crow Wing Kayaks - USA MADE - Durable - Stable - Easy to Paddle

If you are a looking for a highly durable, super stable, easy to use, easy to transport kayak that will last many years, then you have come to the right place. Crow Wing Kayaks are 100% MADE IN THE USA. Our kayaks have started getting a little recognition the last few years through newspapers, television, and customers. Our kayaks are manufactured in Minnesota and assembled in Minnesota and distributed throughout the United States. We blew away our expectations last year with our two new colors the deep red with black speckles and the new Grolive color a color unique to Crow Wing Kayaks. This year in 2016 we have released two (2) new models. The 1080 Ultimate Angler and the Pack Rat. Things are heating up at Crow Wing Kayaks but the water is always COOL in the great outdoors, so explore our website, and send us your questions, we hope to put you into what will most likely soon become your go-to-kayak.

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Thank you for your interest in Crow Wing Kayaks. Whether you are a beginning paddler, or have many seasons of paddling experience we trust you will love Crow Wing Kayaks.
Crow Wing Kayaks are for made for all ages, sizes, and skill levels, they really perform well no matter what your intentions in using them are. Our kayaks are easy to use, easy to transport, very stable, lightweight (48lbs), extremely durable, and surprisingly nimble. We believe once you paddle a Crow Wing Kayak you will be impressed and it will become one of your favorite kayaks to use.

Dealers and Rental agencies wanted. If you are interested in adding Crow Wing Kayaks to your rental fleet, or becoming a dealer we would love to hear from you. (no spaces) crowwingkayaks @

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